Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At your privacy is important to us and we respect your right to keep your contact and proprietary information private. We will never sell or give away any of your contact information to any third party(ies). This includes your email addresses, phone numbers, or any log in and password information you may give us. will also never share your name, age, sex and location to third party(ies). Your personal information will never be sold to any physical or electronic mailing list maintained by a third party(ies). will never divulge or share any of your financial information that you may provide to use for services. We will make every effort to keep your financial transactions secure and private.

Any information collected by our “Contact Us” form on this site that we may ask for such as your name, phone number, country, zip code and email address so we can respond to your questions and comments will be kept confidential and private and not shared with any third party(ies). Any additional information as well, such as your postal address or fax number will be kept strictly confidential and not be shared with any third party(ies). We will use this information for the sole purpose of responding to your inquiry and for no other reason including and not limited to email lists, newsletters, contact lists and sales leads.

We reserve the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and will give written notice to all clients of any such changes on the Site We reserve the right to terminate any agreement or business arrangement between ourselves and a client due to non-payment or unethical practices by said client. We also reserve the right to terminate any agreement or business arrangement with any person or entity for violating the Site Terms listed on this Site. will take every effort to resolve any disputes that may occur. If you, the client, have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please email us and a company representative will answer you in a timely manner.

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